then and now

it really is the thing that led me to dave.
you see, ive always had a thing for hockey players.
here's dave his senior year of high school...
(he's the one in the back row right behind the goalie.)

and here he is today.
the men's B league champs... hehehe.
he's the third one in on the top row.
(i usually describe him as the bald one... that won't help too much here!)

and here is our little hockey girl.
excited to wear her hockey bear shirt on this chilly day and to get out her own hockey stick.

jus ike daddy. (just like daddy)


erin said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
erin said...

Sorry about the deleted comment above. I had a typo..

Anyway, love seeing the pictures of Dave! WTG, champion! Too cute pic of Lilly!

ali said...

Congrats to Dave!!!

Denise said...

I never knew Dave played hockey- neat! Lilly is the cutest hockey player:)

Rorie said...

Ah ha! I knew something was wrong. I had you saved in my favorites and it kept showing me that your last entry was the fishing one. See how much I've been missing?

rmeyfe said...

That is really cool to have a hubby who plays a cool sport like hockey!

Lilly is too cute!!

Katie Jones said...

Too cute. I love a little hockey. My bosses son plays college hockey at LeHigh and he's all the time sending me hockey photos. i'm not sure if he's trying to fix me up or if he's just proud of him.

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