more random things

been feeling pretty sick for a few days now... so i wanted to make a quick list of happy random things.

*new magazines from my sister :) ...living and blueprint and everyday food... love love love them all..

*a great sale at Island Girl Scrapwear which means i finally bought a scrapping shirt :)

*fall tv is starting... prison break is in full swing, house is new tonight!! yeah!!

*have a few paste ups started for new MP stamps... working hard to have them mailed out for production by the end of the month!

*tylenol is my friend these days :)

*shaving cream, 3 spatulas and 3 toddlers in dave's undershirts at the kitchen table = at least a half hour of fun

*and a quick update from a post in May...

1. eyelet tips (2) ***FOUND***
2. eyelet setter ***FOUND***
3. cord to hook camcorder up to TV
4. my hair brush ***FOUND***
5. zoo membership passes ***FOUND***

4 out of 5 is pretty good :)
all of which were found in pretty logical places...
still on the look out for item #3

happy day everyone :)


erin said...

fun post to read and so glad you found those missing items!
hope you feel better soon!

ali said...

you sound busy!!! I am sorry you are feeling sick.

Rorie said...

Aw, ((hugs))! I'm sorry you're feeling sick. Hope you can get some rest and feel better soon!

rmeyfe said...

Glad you found your eyelet setter!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!!

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