It's Coming....Ohio State Football

im not a crazy football fan.

im not even a crazy sports person in general.

i dont know if i can even really be called a true buckeye... besides the fact that i was born and raised here in ohio.

but living in columbus has turned me into a buckeye fan.

through osmosis i guess.

its hard to escape, even if you wanted to.

and it doesnt help that lilly is a fan :)
(...and she was born in columbus, so she is official)


Rorie said...

Go Buckeyes! Dh lived in Ohio for 2 years and has some Ohio State stuff. So I actually know who the Buckeyes are. ;)

ali said...

Go Bucks! We are soooo excited in the Boger house!!!

erin said...

It is a little a hard to escape the Buckeye frenzy when you live in Columbus - that is for sure!

Lynne said...

we used to come to columbus often back in my longaberger obsession days. really like it there!
all except for that big, scary jesus statue that you can see from the interstate. know what i mean? scared the crap out of my kids one night!

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