a list of things

havent blogged in a while... here's a list of happy things.

1. this toothpaste. it foams. it tastes like halls. straight from NYC from my sister, because i can't seem to locate it here in ohio. although now i have the box, so i may have better luck. im sure its been staring me in the face.

2. haircuts on the deck... hehhe. (now taking appointments.)

3. food and herbs from the garden (snow peas, carrots, basil, mint, and LOADS of tomatoes)

4. the garlic festival (yep, you read it right). that's erin, lilly and i with "Garlica".

5. free tickets to the Crew game.

6. edamame... could eat this everyday.

7. food on the grill.

8. visits from friends, even if they are from Michigan :)

9. new MP stamps in the works!

10. back to watching the kiddos 'full time'.

11. feeding the ducks with old stale moldy bread :)

12. taking the boat out... (see pevious post).

13. scrounging up enough change in daddy's car to get a baby ice cream in a dish from DQ. mmm... i forgot how much i like DQ :)

14. the family stack (lilly had been wanting to do a pic like this since we took the one of my aunt, uncle and cousin at lakeside...)

have a great week everyone!


Denise said...

Such a fun post! The garlic festival sounds tasty and you look adorable with your braces:)

Lynne said...

i love garlic and I love edamame. i'm so in!

Anonymous said...

Great PIC!!!!

Raven Wolfwillow IDOS

Rorie said...

Cute family stack picture. Love your list of happy things. :) And I can't wait to see the new MP stuff!

ali said...

Lots of happy things!!! Yeah!!

Katie Jones said...

Sounds like good times there!

rmeyfe said...

The garlic festival sounds like fun (any vampires there HEE HEE). Cute pics and I am excited to see what new stamps come out! :)

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