"whose da boy's name?"

no love on my last post... boohoo.
moving on...

lilly is is obsessed with knowing people's names.
people. animals. anything that seems to be alive.

"whose da boy's name?"
"whose da girl name?"
"whoosa baby name?"
"whoosa big one name?" (in reference to the person with the baby)
"whoosa doggie name?"
"whoosa big one name?" (in reference to the dog owner)

most of the time we tell the truth.
"i dont know their name, lilly."
"we don't know them, so we don't know their name."
"mommy and daddy don't know everyone's names."
"that's a stranger. we can just call them ma'am or sir."
"if you don't know their name, we probably don't know it either" (that's my new favorite one from dave tonight... heheh)

we usually get an unsatisfied reply... which is the repetition of the initial question (ie: "whose da boy's name?")

realizing that the 'truth' of not knowing the person's name was insufficient, we started answering like this...

me: "not sure lilly, maybe their name is ben?"
lilly: "no!"
me: "um... how about tom?"
lilly: "noooo... (giggle giggle)"
me: "steve?"
lilly: "no, mamma."
me: "i dont know lilly. sorry"

so tonight in the car, the conversation starts again.
(let me also inform you that lilly has recently started the fine art of conversing with herself.)

lilly: whose da boy's name?
lilly: i dunno.
lilly: whose da boy's name?
lilly: bob.
lilly: bob?
lilly: yeah bob.
lilly: no gramma.
lilly: gramma. bob.
lilly: gramma. bob. gramma. bob.

this while dave is keeling over the wheel trying to hold in his laughter, and pay attention to stop lights :)


Rorie said...

LOL, that is so funny! Bob sounds like a familiar name. ;)

rmeyfe said...

That is so funny!! Ian is exactly the opposite he could play with people forever and will give them "titles" like boy with the blue shirt and when I ask their names all I get is "I don't KNOW!!"

erin said...

Oh that's funny!

ali said...

She is too funny! I love Lilly stories!

Denise said...

Fun stuff:) I can't wait for Delaney to have these cute little conversations too.

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