fun things

Not much substance to my blog entries these days.
I guess substance is not the point with a blog though.

Fun things.

Heard this song on the radio the other day. Hadn’t heard it since high school, but remembered all the words. Fun.

This boy. Daniel cook. (Or “cook cook” as lilly calls him.) He is wise for his years. He’s on the Disney channel. Check him out. Very funny boy.

Sent these to my sister a while back. Found them in line at the grocery store. We had the 'original' ones when we were 'kids'. I think I still have mine somewhere... Funny.

Monday art project with the kids: Buckeye necklaces. They could thread the beads all by themselves… VERY fun.

Still plugging away at the new MP stamps. If only my eye could detect 1/4 and 3/8 inch spacing I’d be set to go. Will be fun. eventually...

These shoes. A very unexpected gift from some very special people in my life. People who know I don’t treat myself, and make it a point to make me feel special. (Thank you again if you are reading!)

Ate tater tots for lunch. That’s all. not hungry. Not jen. Not fun.

Ok, now I feel better.


rmeyfe said...

Cool Crocs!! I love them!!

I totally remember Garbage Pail kids, thought they rocked as a kid! :)

And Daniel Cook is very wise for his age. My boys think he has a cool job.

Can't wait to see the new stampage!!

ali said...

Just wondering what color your Crocs are....

Missy said...

I like your fluffy posts!!

and woah. garbage pail kids?
that's taking me back ;)

erin said...

yeah for new crocs! double yeah getting them some special people :)

Anonymous said...

Have you been to see your doctor? You've been feeling ill for a few posts now! You should see what you need to do to get better!

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