be happy

sometimes you have to be selfish and profess the things that make YOU happy...

-hearing 'why mama' (even if i do here it ten billion times each day)
-a huge bag of peanut M&Ms (M's as lilly calls them) from Sam's
-1000 free business cards from the new Office Max
-scrapbooking and creating(even though im not the greatest... it is my passion)
-the fact that my baby girl loves pictures just about as much as i do and loves looking at albums over and over and over... we rediscovered this picture (the 1st one ever taken of dave and i... just look at us!!)

-opening Mandarin Pixie and receiving real orders!! (and most importantly all the encouraging words from family and friends)
-seeing lilly run to her daddy when he comes home from work
-talking to my sister via the OmniMedia phone line...hehhe, and the broken cell phone
-having a small number of really good friends
-keeping in touch with special friends from high school
-getting stuff for free at the gocery store because it's on sale for 99 cents and i have a 50 cent coupon that gets doubled
-lilly dancing in the car to "my humps" (that's my girl!!)
-dave still calling me 'sweetie girl' even after 10 years
-good TV shows
-gift cards to eat out
-a great group of online scrapping friends!!
-my 2 other kiddos (and their families for entrusting them to me)
-anything on clearance
-the fact that i like such a huge variety of music
-my husband, my daughter, my parents, my sister, my grandma, and some very wonderful aunts... who are some of my best friends

of course there are more. i really do have a lot to be happy about. i just need to remind myself on a daily basis. that is the kind of person i am. anywho... i need to do this more often :)


Missy said...

ahhh miss jen.
we share many of the same happy things :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, you guys are so cute! :) What a great idea for the happy list.


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