no time to blog.

ive had no real time to sit down and write on here.

i scrapped friday night!! yeah!
we got a new stove and fridge!! yeah!
lilly has a splint on her arm from falling off her bike! boo! (but yeah! that it is isnt broken)
next week starts back to a houseful of kids!! yeah! and yikes!!

ok... that was a quick update.
maybe someday, ill have time to post more :)


Janelle said...

Oh, no... sorry Miss Lilly has a hurt arm! Glad you got to scrap and get new appliances, though ~ yay!

erin said...

Totally missed the whole new fridge and stove! Did I space out or did you not tell me that part?

Hope Lilly is feeling better really soon! I need to stop by and see my little burrito eating buddy!

Betty said...

Hope Lilly get to feel better soon. I do understand that you don't have time, with two little ones must be hard. At least you got the change to scrap.
Good for you!

ali said...

Wow! You have had a lot going on!!! Give Lilly's arm a kiss from all of us!

Rorie said...

Congrats on scrapping and your new stuff. Sorry about Lilly's injury. :( Hope she feels better soon.

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