theme party

we went to a party this past weekend.
you can guess the theme :)
the sad thing... our costumes were a bit too close to our real life.
well... the kid's costumes at least.

cohen's 'costume' wasn't so much a costume as to what he really wears around the house.
lilly's too. she'd sport that outfit anyday anywhere... if we'd let her :)

and this necklace?

i really wore that in high school. really... i did.

i brought twinkie delight dessert and corndog casserole.
(i make corndog casserole in real life.)

i tasted my 1st ever White Castle burger.

we had a blast. so much fun to play dress up and eat :)

thanks john and julie :)


Rorie said...

corndog casserole actually sounds pretty good. :)

ali said...

I love the costumes...especially Cohen's! I can definitely relate to that!

sarah said...

how fun AND funny!
cohen's costume is perfect ;)

what is corndog casserole?

Christy said...

What great outfits and fun idea for a party!

denise said...

what fun!!!!!!

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