mr. smarty

I was braiding Lilly’s hair the other day and I hear the 2 little ones say “uh oh, elmo.”
(As in... “the elmo cd is over”.)
I tell them… "hold on a sec, ill be right there to put a new cd in."
I hear the entertainment door being opened and I say “please don’t touch the door. You guys are not allowed in there.”
Not more than a few seconds later I hear the chicken dance song playing.
Cohen had changed out the cd and pressed play all on his own.

He’s not even 2 ½ yet.

This boy amazes me.
He isn’t a big talker yet, but he surely knows a lot more than I think he does.

The other day (it was actually the 1st day of school)… he starts throwing blocks in the kitchen/eating space. I look more closely and see he had created these all by himself.

Mock cornhole.

(Do you see how he even angled the trays!?)

I asked him… “Are you playing cornhole?”
He says… “uh huh!” (as in… yeah mom!! aren’t they cool?!?)

Then, without any prompting he slid one board to the other side to make the game more official, of course.
We switched out the blocks for some softer toys and kept on playing.
Mr. Smarty.

He’s almost 2 ½ and can name pretty much every piece of hockey gear there is. And can proudly spot anything Blue Jackets related a mile away.

Does he say his name yet?
Not exactly.

But he knows what a Zamboni is.


april said...

so cute....little kids are great!

Rorie said...

It's amazing how much smarter kids are than we think they are. (Sometimes a little too smart for our own good, right?)
What is cornhole? I've never heard of that game before.

denise said...

he's a riot! i think makenna would love to have him around to help support her elmo addiction.

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