the painting bug has hit our house.
dave and the kids surprised mommy with a newly painted bedroom :)
and see this beauty?
(the table... though lilly is cute too)
free at a garage sale.
check out her gorgeous legs.
and now with some hand-me-down chairs from a friend.
hoping to turn our 'dining room' into a school-ish room.
(to make homework more fun ;)
and here... a sneak peak of our painting makeover ;)
free things and leftover paint are wonderful.


sarah said...

you got that gorgeous table for free?! that is AWESOME!

and i love, love, love the grey!
as well as the sneak at the new table color. i have a stack of grey paint swatches - thinking about painting my bedroom grey. can i ask what color/brand yours is?

looking forward to seeing the finished room - looks fun!

Rorie said...

Wow. That table is awesome. The paint looks good. Can't wait to see the whole thing!

Swedish Mama said...

Great job David, what a great surprise. Love the table and chairs. Is every chair going to be a different color?

The Littlest Thistle said...

How cool. And also a bonus that you noticed. My mum and I would often repaint in the school holidays while my dad remained oblivious - his record was 3 years before noticing the kitchen had changed colour...

arminda said...

LOVE the colors! :) Love the "schoolish" room too hehe.

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