random summer post

Time for another random post.

Our summer checklist is coming along fine.
It may flow into Fall (or Winter or Spring)… summer break is almost over.
We went to 2 fairs.
Our county fair.
And the Ohio State fair.
Ran into Dave’s cousin’s family the first 10 minutes we were there.
And ate some fair healthy food.

and look at this adorable quilt!!

The kids took swim lessons.
(Lilly’s teacher was one of my former students!!)
One more week for the kid’s gymnastics class.
Cohen passed his Stinger 1 skating class.

Dave and I started P90X.
And it’s kicking my butt.

enjoying fresh tomatoes and peppers and cucumbers from the garden.
(we've been enjoying the farmer's market too.)
Made some of grandma’s jam.
And grandma’s pickles.
Made ice cream last night.

Getting ready for company.
And a 5K.
And scrapping.
And for both kids to start school.
And redoing some furniture.
And doing some painting.
And some decorating.
And updating LBE.
(Did you see the cute Little Beans on the LBE blog??)

Life is busy.
Not too much time for sitting and doing nothing.
Though I’m ready for a day like that.


Chloë said...

sounds like a great summer! i LOVE that quilt!

Anonymous said...

Don't think you'll get to picking strawberries this year unless you create some on paper hang them on something and then pick them. You never said you had to eat what you pick. :)
Aunt T

sarah said...

looks like you've put a healthy dent in that summer list...NICE! :)

Rorie said...

What a fun, busy summer. Loved watching Cohen skate.
That funnel cake looks delish. Well, maybe just the topping part of it. But still.
P90X is awesome. I hate it! But I love it. ;o)

Emily said...

I am so glad that you commented on my blog again. I visited your blog after your first comment...and thought it was totally delightful. I don't know what happened...but somehow your blog got lost in my shuffle and obviously I've really missed out.

I love your summer checklist! What a fabulous idea...and your grandma's pickles look totally tasty!

You have an adorable little family and you are completely crafty and clever.

Have a wonderful day!

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