lots of love

i love this little man.
little dwayne-wayne ;)
and i love this big man.
(who is annoyed i am taking pics of the little man before our bike ride.)
but how can i not take pics of this?
and the little lady.
love her bunches too.
(especially when she is rockin her inner suburbia gangsta ;)
and the porch. i love the porch.
and lilly's sunflowers. love those too.
she is the queen of growing sunflowers.


Rorie said...

Hahahaha, love those Dwayne-Wayne sunglasses.
And the porch.
And the sunflowers. We tried growing sunflowers once. It was pretty sad.

arminda said...

We are planing sunflowers next year for sure. Our neighbors all have them and Reece reminds me every chance he gets that we need to buy seeds. haha And I love your porch. :)

HennHouse said...

Fantastic post... and I agree... how could you NOT take photos!

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