lakeside mini-vacation 2010

we had planned to go to Lakeside all day Saturday.
well... Dave came home early Friday.
i got on the phone frantically looking for a place to stay.
and we turned our 1 day trip into a Fri-Sunday mini vacation.
very spur of the moment.
which is very uncharacteristic of me. 
but very much fun.
and so so glad we went with the wind.

if you've never been to Lakeside.
you should.
you will be glad you did.

for starter's...  shuffleboard.
at Lakeside it is not just a game for the elderly ;)

i think the little man is a natural.
i think he will be good at any sport.
just like his daddy.
we are so keeping score next time.
a frozen berry drink for the kids
a hazelnut frappe for mommy.
owned an operated by columbus locals :)
getting daddy a milkshake from the patio.
enjoying some lights after the orchestra concert.
yikes. is this so dreamy, or what?
i think i may have to print and frame this one.
the charm is just too much.
ok now.
this is pretty much the whole reason we came to lakeside this year.
saturday morning.
Patio donuts.
homemade. fresh. warm.
the. best. donuts. ever.
ever! i tell you.
(if you do go to Lakeside. do not miss them.)
sitting on the dock waiting for break time to be up.
golf cart ride!
can't call it a Lakeside vacation without a little golfcarting.
what was leftover from our dinner at Sloopy's.
dave claimed their Hula Bowl pizza the best he has ever had.
as in... his favorite. 
and Dave is a pizza critic.  so that is saying something.
and that cheesy pizza bread was delicious too.
oh my. i could live on cheesy bread.
(oh. and then we ate up those last 2 little pieces...)

the kids requested their pic in front of this finely decorated cottage ;)
ice cream!
another Lakeside must do.
lilly got key lime.
me... java chip.
cohen... cotton candy.
dave... some kind of delicious chocolate chip mint something.
saturday night concert.
the spinners.
so. much. fun.
they were quite adorable.
and i even knew a handful of songs!!
lilly and i made it through the whole show.
cohen, daddy and a number of older lakesiders, not so much ;)

sunday morning.
patio donuts.
again.  yes please.
kid's church with chip richter.
always fun there :)
craft time :)
and a little more shuffleboard before heading home.
hope to see you again soon Lakeside!
we miss you already.


Katie said...

what fun! I think I will be in your neck of the woods sometime labor day weekend. My brother is playing in a vintage baseball tourney - your family could come out it would be fun?? Anyhow I wanted to give you a heads up perhaps if we get there in time on saturday we could go yard saling.

sarah said...

lakeside looks like a super fun place! well, anywhere with great donuts is a fun place in my book ;)

ali said...

So happy for you! I really need to get Richard to go...maybe next year. I picked a favorite Patio doughnut this year - cinnamon sugar! They are so good warm!

The Littlest Thistle said...

Looks like such a fun weekend! Loving all the ice cream and doughnuts too lol

Mary said...

So fun, you make me want to go. We've never been. So where did you stay?

Rorie said...

That sounds like so much fun!
And home-made doughnuts, mmmm.
Shuffleboard is fun. I stink at it, but it's still fun. :)

Sam said...

What a small world. Chip Richter is one of my best friends. And I'm his Road Manager the rest of the year he's not living at Lakeside. In fact I was up at Lakeside 3 weekends ago for his Lakeside concert he does with his band, The Munks.

Lakeside really is one of the most relaxing places in the world. You can physically feel yourself calming down as you drive into the place. I'm glad you enjoy it as much as I do.

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