garage saling!!

there have been very few free saturday mornings lately.
and even fewer free saturday mornings with a little extra cash in my wallet.

today was free.
and a few dollars were in my wallet.
(and daddy needed some free time to work on the porch)

1 brand new Blue jackets hat
1 brand new Blue jackets visor
1 Bread slicer thing
1 Corn off the cob tool
3 eye spy books
4 amelia bedelia books
6 other kids books
1 book for mommy
1 Colombia winter jacket
2 long sleeve shirts for lilly
2 football shirts
1 one striped shirt for cohen
1 pair of monkey pjs
3 jeans for lilly (1 gap, 2 old navy)
1 old navy khaki capris
1 Cherokee khaki pants
1 swimsuit
1 Bathrobe for emma lily
2 outfits for emma lily
1 pair of underwear for emma lily (lilly’s build a bear)

4 garage sales.

(then home as that is about all the kids can take.)

$13.10 less in my wallet.
but with all kind of new to us goodies!

thank you garage sales!


Rorie said...

You are an awesome garage sale-er. Quite a nice haul you came home with. :)

April said...

very fun. wish i could do that around here!

arminda said...

Man I need to go with you some time haha. I always end up at sales that people think their used stuff needs to cost as much as new stuff. :p Nice job!

ooty1 said...

How do you pick your sales?? I always end up at the awful ones full of junk. I need a lesson or two from you! :)

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