2nd 5K

2nd 5K last night.
7:00 pm.
still hot.
still muggy.

but guess what.
i cut 6 minutes off my 1st 5K time.

last night i ran a 30:46 5K.
that is BIG to me.

i never thought i'd be jogging around the block.
let alone 3.1 miles.

i try not to brag.
to boast.
but i am really proud of myself over this thing :)
this is really big.

i may need a new pair of shoes.
and a running skirt :)


Mary said...

Not a brag at all. I am very proud (and jealous) of you too : ) How long did you train???

sarah said...

you are so not bragging...but you SHOULD! that is a huge accomplishment!

you are awesome jen!
i'm so proud of you :)

Jen said...

Six! Wow, that is huge!!! Congrats!

Rorie said...

You have every right to brag and to be proud. What an awesome accomplishment. :)
I just tried my first running skirt a few weeks ago. I love it. Think I need to get me some more.

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