my first 5k :)

i ran my very first 5K this morning with my good friend erin.
at 9:30am in the blazing sun.
i didn’t even look to see what the temp was.
i probably don’t want to know.
i had 3 goals.

1. to finish the race
2. to run/jog the entire race
3. to not be last

around the 2.8ish mark i started getting a bit dizzy, which had never really happened to me before.  i decided it better to walk a bit, than to pass out and let erin deal with that situation. so… no meeting goal #2. but that’s ok. I was able to meet goals #1 and #3, which is better than passing out and not meeting any goals ;) 
plus. there's a bonus.
(that outweighs the fact that i walked a little bit...)
erin and i got first place in our age group!
i am still cracking up.
so funny.

it wasn't a big race by any means... it was perfect for my first race.
still. first place. hilarious.

lilly had just said... "mom, im waiting for them to say you and erin"
and i replied... "oh lilly, they won't be calling our name."
but they did. and erin and i burst into laughter.
i got a gift certificate to a salon and erin got a gift certificate to a local bakery.
so guess where we went right after the race?
this adorable little bakery.
thank you erin.
for encouraging me to do this race.
for keeping me going when i thought i couldn't do it anymore.
(and thanks for the sweet treats too!!)


Rorie said...

That is awesome. I came in 1st in my age group in the very first 5K I did too. What a great motivator! :)
Congratulations. And enjoy the salon.

The Scrapbook Speedway said...

that is so awesome! congrats to you BOTH!!!

Mary said...

Yeah for you!! You are too cute running...it sure doesn't show how hot it was. I've got my eye on one in October. It is my goal before the twins turn 1!! I don't know if I'll be ready. You are an inspiration!!

Swedish Mama said...

Yeah--so glad you have set yourself a goal and stuck to it. Yeah again!!!

sarah said...

great job, jen! that's so awesome!

ali said...

You guys did great!!! Congratulations!!! I love all of the pictures documenting your first 5K.

arminda said...

Great job!! :)

Judy said...

Congratulations Jen! What a great accomplishment!

Anonymous said...

Great job Jen! That is soooo awesome. You look like a true runner!!!


lisa said...

Yeah Jen!!! So proud of you and erin both!! Inspiring! Is this the race you were discussing at the crop weekend last spring? Congrats!

Chloë said...

yay congrats! and what an awesome post-race award!!!

1st place in your 1st 5k? impressive! :)

Jen said...

Way to go, Jen!!!

RobinBNY said...

Great job girls!

Katie said...

look at you and Erin Go! Congrats on winning

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