skating lessons

the little man started skating lessons last week :)
as soon as we told him, he ran upstairs and put on his jeans and his jersey.
that was before lunch.
his lessons are after dinner.
off and on all week, cohen had mentioned wanting me
to go out on the ice with him for his next lesson.
which i dont mind.

but he just now informed me... "mommy doesn't skate good"
to which i said... "oh i do. just not as good as daddy"

which is the truth :)

and we can't leave out this little lady!
(who knew there was such nice lighting in the ice rink lobby??)
 happy monday!!


Jen said...

How adorable! G took lessons when he was 2 but we never made it past a few sessions of beginner lessons.

Our original Roadtrip had us heading through your town, and I was hoping we'd be able to get together even briefly...but then the destination changed and we ended up not making it any farther than Cincinnati. Maybe next time!

Rorie said...

K, he is just adorable! So cute in those tiny little skates. I love how excited kids get about upcoming activities. Let me rephrase that. I love the excitement. I don't love the "Is it time yet?" questions that happen a million and one times before it really is time. :)

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