he said. she said. we said. reveal 3.

i bet you thought i forgot about this?
didnt forget. just put it to the back of my mind.
here is the last of the he said. she said. we said. series.
i know dave's glad.
dave's answers are in red.
mine in black.

-What do you love most about Dave?
I love that he loves me. He loves me all the time. Even when I am far from loveable. I love that he gave me the best 2 presents ever, because he loves me. That he supports me staying home and watching kids and running my little embroidery business, and this little blog... because he loves me. That he lets me pick out the movie, gives me scrapping and Bunco and girl time, and jogging time... because he loves me. That he will run out and get me Subway and cheetos or ice cream, because he loves me. That he lets me cry and laugh and complain and be silly and excited, because he loves me. That he doesn’t complain when I take pictures of our dinner, or ask him to answer questions for my blog, or obsess over whether or not all the doors are locked and the garage door is closed. I love that he has been, and still is my best friend... through everything since we were 17 years old.  The good times and the not so good times. There are plenty of both, and I love that I get to share them with him.

-What do you love most about Jen?
I love that Jen is the opposite of me and that she is the most thoughtful person that I know and I also love her creativeness.

-What one moment or experience still makes you giggle about Dave when you think about it still today.
Anytime Dave truly laughs makes me giggle. He has a great laugh, and I love it when it’s genuine. Though I don’t hear it a whole lot, it’s great when I do. Most of the time it’s during movies, or when Lilly and Cohen have one of their great conversations. But his laugh… the real one… that makes me giggle.

-What one moment or experience still makes you giggle about Jen when you think about it still today.
Her falling up the steps.

-What area of your relationship do you want to improve?
We are always growing together... here are just a few things I'd love to work on. 
1. Communication.  Talking things out and really listening to each other. 
2. I would like to grow spiritually together in our relationship.  
3. I wish I could understand him more. The way he thinks. The way his mind works.

Spending more just us time and communication.

-What is your favorite way to spoil Dave?
My favorite way is to cook and bake special things for him. Especially his favorites, like homemade noodles or homemade cheesecake. Also giving him alone time to do what he wants. It’s not my favorite… but I know he appreciates it as much as I appreciate my free time, so I really try to honor that. Time to work on the house, play sports, an occasional fishing trip. I really appreciate having him around, so sometimes it is really really hard for me to give that up. But I know he needs his own time to do things for himself. Just one of the things you do for the person you love.

-What is your favorite way to spoil Jen?
Surprises. Jen loves surprises (not really she hates them).  Any time that I can give her something or do something for her.

-If you asked Jen what her favorite way to be spoiled is what would she say?
My favorite way to be spoiled? Mmmm. There are a few things… getting to sleep in on the weekends, getting to cook and bake, going garage saling. Sometimes a trip to the grocery store on my own is a treat!

Me coming home from work early and her getting some alone time with no kids or hubby.

-If I asked Dave what his favorite way to be spoiled is what would he say?
I think Dave would say when I let him go fishing.

When my wonderful wife makes her homemade cooking.

thanks for playing along sweetie boy :)

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