mmm. bread.

i broke out the bread machine a few weeks ago.
it's been getting a work out.
and we are loving our homemade bread.
tell me again why i buy anything premade at the store?
make your own card here :)
ooops. i put the wrong date on the card.
i must be looking foward to tomorrow.
AND i left crescents off the list.
how could i forget those?
(i really just wanted an excuse to make a card to put on the blog...)
(hence the bread list)
maybe i should turn all my lists into cute little card lists?


Rorie said...

I love the way the house smells after making bread. Mmmm...Enjoy!

sarah said...

mmmm. fresh bread!

and i love those library cards. i had a link on my old computer (it died), so glad to have it again!

Katy Cameron said...

Cool, love those cards, I forsee them littering my blog in the future!

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