no time?

saw this on a friend's fb page a while back.
and wanted to share it here.

i know everyone is busy.
in their own way.
and you all know i'm busy.
im my own way.
but this really touched home to me.
and i love the tone it uses ;)

i know im a 'stay at home mom'.
some would think id be able to pick up the phone any time of the day.
reply to an email.
fold the laundry.
do the dishes.
you know. all that stuff you do when you stay at home.

not so much.
but i wouldnt have it any other way :)
(click the image to enlarge for easier reading)
thanks for sharing molly!
(eta: i dont view this as a negative on people without kids, or moms who stay home vs. moms who work out of the home... we are ALL busy.  i think it is just a great article to support mothers in general!!)


Rorie said...

AAAAAAMEN!!! Not that I have childless friends who do that, but I remember how I once sort of was one of those childless friends. Not quite as annoying as the one who wrote the letter, but still, just not getting. Now? Now, I get it.

Lesley said...

Great response from the author. The question has been asked by so many. The response should be "come on over, try if for a day. See what you do."

Women are so judgmental unfortunately! We all do what we can and want when it comes to staying a home or working outside of the house. Both are hard in many ways. We should embrace each other vs. tearing one another down.

arminda said...

I am one of the very few stay-at-home moms that, get this, stay at home! :) I am one of the very few moms (yes I'm a mom of little ones too) that ask this very question all.the.time: Why are so many of my mom friends soooo busy? haha Not judging or being negative, but I must be clueless or something because I'm not a busy person. I like my simple life, uneventful days and I love good conversation with a friend. I'm not good with the new "friendships" that rely on Facebook/email/texting. I'm an old fashioned girl from a small town and I guess nothing can replace real human contact, at least for me. :) It's a different world we live in these days, that's for sure! :)

Jen you just gave me my next post hahaha. :) You busy girl, you! :)

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