long time no blog.

as i heard somewhere in the past week...
ah. so true.

so on to a bunch of random things.
My beloved bloglines is closing down :(
So I’ve switched to google reader.
Like anything new, it will take some getting used to… but itll be ok.
These 2 links helped me transfer my feeds over very smoothly…



I want to be better at the 2 way communication on this blog.
A long time ago I added a ‘did you leave me a question’ button.
Hoping that would work for me.
Well, not so much.
So… my new plan.
I will either answer your question by leaving another comment on that same post.  Or maybe the answer will become a post in itself.

Which is what I am about to do right here.

Mary asked about my training for my 5Ks.  well, if I had answered that question when she first asked, my answer would have gone like this... 'I jog 6 days a week for 2-3 miles each.'  now that school has started and our schedules have gotten more hectic my answer is more like this...' i jog 3-4ish times a week for 1-2 miles each.'  either way, i don't really view it as 'training'... but more of my exercise time. my alone with my ipod time :)

Mary also asked about where we stayed for our mini-Lakeside vacation.
we stated at Maxwell House for this trip.
in their back apartment.
tight squeeze, but perfect for us!

Susie asked if all the chairs will be a different color.
well susie... you will just have to wait and see ;)

So... if you do have a question… please ask.
I will get back to you from now on.
Hopefully in a more timely manner.
But you’ll have to come back to the comments to find it ;)

and some pics to make the randomness even more random...
a girly rag quilt made for a special 3 year old ;)
so fun to get out the girl fabrics!
lilly posing in all her awesome self-dressed style.
then cohen had to get his own pose in...
and the kids working hard with daddy...
i hope you all have the best of days this week!


arminda said...

I am going to attempt my first (TWO) rag quilts this fall to give as Christmas gifts (ssshhhhh). Any tips for a first time rag quilter? ;)

jen said...

rag quilts are very forgiving :) no need to stress about super straight lines! find a good tutorial online, and you will be all set! the bigger squares are a bit less tedious ;) cant wait to see yours arminda!

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