long camping weekend

we went camping this weekend.
with 14 families.
lots of kids ;)
good food.
chilly nights.
plus an old time baseball game saturday.
and lunch at my grandma's on sunday.
would you believe i didnt even take out my camera?

now we are recouping.


sarah said...

i love how cohen is sleeping...too funny! :)

Katie said...

what No Camera? I've done that usually someone will yell at me like where's the camera. I've also been known to not have the SD card in it and think I'm taking great pics doh!

Rorie said...

Hahaha, they look totally exhausted. Glad you had a fun weekend!

Katy Cameron said...

Heh, guess you wore them right out. I feel the same way after today at work lol

rmeyfe said...

Wow you really wore them out!! I would be surprised that you didn't take out your camera but i guess that means you were too busy having fun!! :)

Swedish Mama said...

Wow, Jen, sounds like you guys had the perfect last weekend of summer.

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