drawing people

the little man doesn't sit much.
but every now and then he likes to color.
imagine my surprise when i see what he was drawing the other day.
this is big stuff.
having remembered a thing or two i learned in college...
(you know. that degree.)
(plus a few years of mommying)
i am pretty smiley to see him doing this on his own!!
(he even holds his marker the right way!)

a head and legs.
now eyes and a mouth.
don't forget 2 arms.
or maybe shoes?
let's color them in :)
and let's draw a side-kick too.
i think it's him and daddy ;)
oh little man.
you do not know what you do to me.


Rorie said...

I love when kids start drawing recognizable things! I'm pretty sure I save Joey's first picture that was of people. Love it! :)

Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME!!!!!


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