shark teeth

september 16, 2010
nothing looks too harmless about this little grin.
till you look inside.
double rows of teeth.
3 days later.
september 19, 2010
after lots of wiggling.
and daddy with a washcloth.
(i talked him out of the pliers. that is not a lie.)
the first tooth is lost!
she of course was the only 6 year old in the world who had not lost a tooth yet.
she tells me the tooth fairy even left feetprints on her sheets.
but i would swear they are drool marks ;)


Swedish Mama said...

Jackson's teeth did the same thing. I also wanted to use pliers, but we were able to pull it.

Rorie said...

Oh my. Yay for finally losing a tooth! Joey desperately wants to lose one, especially since his best friend recently lost one. He keeps telling me he has a loose tooth...in the very back.
How cute about the tooth fairy footprints. :)

Katie said...

welcome to toothloss - I didn't lose my first one until I was 7. I still am not sure I even lost all those baby teeth.

Anonymous said...

April didn't lose her first tooth until 1st grade. Fun times. :)
Aunt T

arminda said...

My teeth came in like that. :)

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