preschooler in the house!

our little man started preschool today...
...and came home with a smile and a beautiful rainbow.
and then... amazingly, we saw a double rainbow tonight.
 and cohen said 'just like my class!'
and that warmed my heart.
that all is well :)

dropping cohen off was hard for mommy.
both my kids away at school.
i would have cried...
i think i even tried to a little.
having emryn and bryce with me
definitely kept my tears away :)
for today.

now, where did my babies go?


Katie said...

oh how sad! I bet he enjoyed it though.

rmeyfe said...

Looks like he had a great day!! HUGS!!

Rorie said...

Man, they just grow up too fast! I love that rainbow. :) Looks like he had a great time.

ali said...

Wow! What a cutie! I had my first day with both kids at school yesterday. So weird!

Robin said...

what a cute little preschooler
he looks so happy with his rainbow!

Lesley said...

Glad he had fun but I am sure that having them both away at school is hard! Hang in - and enjoy that they are growing to be beautiful little people!

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