great grandma's jam

Cohen doesn’t eat too much.
At least not as much as the rest of us.

But he will eat 3 bowls of cereal in one sitting.
And PB&J sandwiches at any given moment.

So we have to have jelly on hand.
At all times.
And not just any jelly.

Great Grandma’s Strawberry Jam.

Though grandma doesn’t make it anymore... we do.
And we are so glad she taught us how.
(Sure it's a CERTO recipe…. but to us,  it's Grandma’s.)


Rorie said...

Mmm, I love home-made jam.

sarah said...

yummmm. i cannot wait to make freezer jam. hoping the strawberries will be ready for u-pick here soon!

Katie said...

I love love love jam! I can't wait to try some new kinds this year.

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