these flowers much more like to be planted in the ground.
rather than being housed up in their little plastic container for about 2 months.
(sorry flowers.)
they started blooming the day after they were planted!

next up, our $30 orchard.
3 $10 clearance trees bought in the fall last year.
(2 of them we didnt even know what kind they were)
we were happy to see green leaves in the spring.
and even more excited to see fruit!!
probably won't be edible yet.
but in a few years... yum!!

an apple tree.
with a handful of apples.
a pear tree.
with one lowly pear.
and a peach tree.
the peach tree wins with the most fruit so far!
then to the vegetable garden.
the zucchini and tomatoes have taken over.
there are some herbs, beans and cucumber in there too.
oh, and peppers.
but youd never know it.

to give you better idea of the size of the plants...
here is the little man crawling under the zucchini plants.

daddy picked this huge zucchini.
we had no clue it was in there.
awesome. gotta love homegrown gigantic veggies.
we had it for dinner 2 nights in a row.
that is after cohen gave it a ride on the swing.


Rorie said...

I've got zucchini growing like crazy too! And squash. The tomato plants are huge, but there aren't very many tomatoes on them. I'm just hoping they'll survive the heat.
I need to look up lots and lots of zucchini/squash recipes to make for the summer! :)

arminda said...

when did you plan them?! :) wow! and i love the ride on the swing! haha

arminda said...

er plant.

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