randomness. again.

another post chock full of randomness.
(and some answers to some reader questions....)

yes sam. randomness is most definitely a word.
at least on my blog it is :)
i believe in it so much that i dont even need to look it up ;)

yes mary. cohen has 2 crowns :)
(we call them cowlicks though.)
did the spike tip you off?
we've been loving that natural spike since the day it appeared!

yes karin. i would LOVE to be part of team Esther-Faith :)
i am hoping my calendar agrees with the date!!
let me know... i will spread the word.

a BIG thanks to all who contributed to our team for the Crohn's walk.
we raised well over our goal!  and still going strong...
THANK YOU for supporting us.
thanks from these guys too.
why they were there?
who knows.
battling bowel disease maybe?

and not to be totally outdone by her brother.
lilly got the fever.
and the sore throat.
and a trip to the pediatrician.
strep test. no strep.

(i am really looking forward to all these medical bills.)

today the kids feel better.
tomorrow will be even better than today :)

and i feel a drawing coming on soon... be on the lookout!


Sam said...

YAY!!! I love randomness!

Rorie said...

Yay for randomness (that's totally a word, I use it all the time!)
Yay for meeting your goal for the Crohn's walk!
Boo for sick kidlets. Hope everyone is healthy there now. And that you don't get it.

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