Adorable huh?!?!
{heart} labels.
There are tons to choose from for just $3.95 :)

When you register as a new customer on their site, you will receive a promotional coupon at the email you provide for the $20 discount on your first order!! 

Go to gifts.
Then gifts under $20.
25 of these adorable wrap around labels for $18.00
the coupon will take off $18.00
all you have to pay is $3.95 for shipping!
(and if you get some id love to see them on some mail for me ;)
(i love mail. have i ever mentioned that?)

garage sale season has begun!
we got all of this for about $17.00 :)
love it!

and remember the free hugo sample I posted about last week?

If you ordered one and want to be surprised… look no further.

I had a good giggle with what they sent…
I wasn't expecting much.
But I wasn't expecting this either ;)
ah well.
Cohen wore it to church this morning :)
(and speaking of Cohen... guess where he was earlier today?)
(stay tuned for the next post...)


Mary said...

I hope he wasn't at urgent care!

Rorie said...

Hmmm, hiding somewhere? Playing hockey? At the ER? (Because he's a boy, and he's just that age.) (OK, any age for a boy is just that age...)
LOL on the Hugo sample. Too funny.

Katie said...

Oh my on the foot can't wait to go yard saling with you

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