cozy giveaway!!

I made a few cozies as a bday gift for a friend.
I filled a cup up with some chocolate and a giftcard to starbucks :)
(and a 2nd cozy is tucked in there too!)
It’s a gift I love to give.
I think because I’d like to get it ;)

A cozy giveaway has been on my list of things to do for a very long time. (Since way back in the months where I was drinking hot things and needed a cozy to keep the heat off my hand.) I thought it was too late (and not as appropriate) for a cozy giveaway in this humid weather… until I used up the end of a gift card on a java chip frappachino, and realized the cozies are just as needed with the chilly treats :) To keep the freeze away!

So… here they are!
I will be giving away these cozies :)
2 cozies.
2 winners!

One entry per person.
(If you are already the owner of one of these… you can still enter! If you win, you can add it to your collection, or gift it to someone who would really love you for sharing it.)

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me who would get the cozy (keep it/gift it) and what you would put in your cozy hugged cup.

if you have one of these from me already… (or if you are one of the winners of the giveaway) a few notes on washing it: It washes fine in the washer with regular clothes… then let it air dry… and if you want it to be nice and crisp again, just hit it with the iron! (I only know this because I might have spilled my liquid treat on my cozy the very first time I used it… being so excited and all. That might happen to you too :) oh, and I don’t prewash my fabric… (I know, I know… bad seamstress…) but I haven’t had any problems with that being and issue.

Enough of my blabbering.

Tell me…who gets the cozy and what are you putting in the cup?

(entries accepted through Wednesday, June 16th)
(and depending on who wins… you may or may not receive the cup itself )
(but im guessing you wont miss the cup, if you win a cozy :)

oh... and be sure i know how to get a hold of you if you win.


suburban prep said...

How darling.
I would give it as a gift to a sister who is a loves her coffee house drinks.
msgb245 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

I would give it to Marie. But I might have to use it until she can drink. Hot Chocolate, Hot English Tea or Chai Latte which is my new favorite .


Katie said...

I love this gift idea! want to make some

denise said...

i'd LOVE to keep a cozy for myself! i'd definitely wrap it around my medium cinnamon coffee w two creams and two sugars from dunkin donuts:) xoxo

Anonymous said...

I'd probably keep it for myself seeing that it is so neat.... and wait to use it for some hot chocolate come fall....


April said...

i'd keep one and give the other to my bff for us to enjoy our hot chocolate and coffee before the kiddos come into our classrooms :)

Anonymous said...

Oh-so-cute!!! I would pass this on to a good friend who has two young kiddos and is in need of caffeine. She may also get a few homemade oatmeal cookies to go with it. :)

Libby O.

Anonymous said...

If it were for myself I'd put in a nice cold pepsi or maybe a fruity homemade smoothie...depends on the calories I want to consume. If I gave it away...I'd fill it with love...coffee or tea bags, a packet or two of hot chocolate and probably a gift card for something of the recipients choice. That way they could fill it with something that would suit any mood they might be in.

Aunt T

Anonymous said...

I would give my cozie to a friend Kelli with a new baby. She needs the caffeine and since she recently quit her job to be a stay at home mom, money is VERY tight. She could use the cute gift filled with a gift card for her and small baby gifts for Zachari.


Anonymous said...

How cute and crafty! I would give the cozy to a good friend. She loves her caffeine and laughs at my 'brown water' that I call coffee:)


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