Every other Sunday.

Sunday, Mother's day. 2 staples in head.
Sunday, May 23. golf ball sized goose egg.

Sunday, June 6th...

Remember that jam we made?
I dropped a jar of it at breakfast.
Shattered the jar. ¾ full of jam.
Cleaned it up.
Went to church.
Home from church.
Eating lunch.
Cohen’s up and running for whatever reason.
Starts crying and holding his foot up.
Drops of blood on his heal.
Check wound.
Stepped (ran) on a piece of glass.
Mommy and daddy try to get the piece out.
Screaming strong child.
Can’t pin him down.
(and we are not against holding a kid down.)
Almost get it.
Cohen kicks. And cries. And screams owie.
Soak it in water.
Try again with sharp tweezers and normal tweezers.
Hear the tweezers grinding on the glass.
Just can’t get it out.

Another trip to urgent care.
A brave boy.
This time with very justified tears.
Another green ice pop.
A huge bandaid.
And a doggy from his big sister.

From now on.
Every other Sunday.
Cohen will be wearing shoes and his hockey helmet all day long.
I may or may not be kidding.

(and to top it off he has a fever and is miserable today.)
(so we made a trip to the pediatrician.)
(quick strep negative.)
(probably just a virus.)


sarah said...

poor, poor cohen! he's quite the accident prone little one, isn't he? i would agree the shoes and hockey helmet might be a good idea. as well as full football pads perhaps? ;)

Rorie said...

oh, poor little man! and mom and dad too.

Krysty said...

Must just be prepping him for all the "bumps" he'll get playing hockey someday! Poor guy...I was cringing the entire way through your descriptions...

Chloƫ said...

Wow that sounds like an adventure! Your poor child :( Glad to see the smiling pictures at the end of it all though! :)

(ps. there's another chance to be my next featured runner today! I'd love your input!)

Swedish Mama said...

Ow--all boy, that one.

Been there with glass in the foot, still gives me shivers.

God gave Cohen to parents who are up to handling all Cohen throws your way.

Keep smiling...

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