goose eggs 101

if your 3 year old falls off the bench at your kitchen table and hits his head producing a goose egg the size of a golf ball in seconds (precisely 2 weeks after getting staples from falling and cutting his head open) and requires a trip to urgent care (again) you’ve got… cohen.
I am not a medical professional.
But here is what I have learned about goose eggs.
(Enough that the next time, and i'm sure there will be, I know just what to look for.)

Goose Eggs 101

A goose egg is good.
It means that the blood is between the skull and the skin.
(Rather than bleeding under the skull)

A firm goose egg is good.
It means that there is nowhere (like a crack in the skull) for fluid to go.

Immediate crying is good.
It means there is no loss of consciousness.

No vomiting is good.
For many reasons.

Other helpful hints:

-Drive carefully while you are scrolling through your cell phone trying to get a hold of someone to see when urgent care opens, or if you should go to the ER.

-Be nice to your husband who is sitting in the back with the injured but still telling you how to drive (while you are on your 6th try to get a hold of someone.)

-finally get a hold of a mother of 4 children who has the emergency numbers in her cell phone (brilliant!! why do i not think of these things on my own?!?). (interestingly, this mother ended up taking her youngest into urgent care that same evening, and luckily knew their hours exactly due to our call earlier that day :)

-add the urgent care numbers into to your cell phone while you are waiting to be seen.

-if you are at the park 2 days later, be extra careful not to let the said 3 year old rebump his goose egg going down the swirly slide

-motrin is our friend
-take pictures.
he's still all smiles.
even after all the tears and a poor bumpy head.


Mary said...

Poor guy : ( We've not yet been to urgent care or the ER (knock on wood), I'm sure it's only a matter of time!!! I've always wondered...does Cohen have a double crown?

Sam said...

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

That is one tough kid.

Tammy said...

That's some bump! Man oh man. But what a trooper. Good information on the goose eggs. And I also learned something recently that may be good for you since you've clearly got a rough-and-tumble boy: a fracture won't usually bruise or swell. A sprain will, but not a break. So there you have it ;)

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