mother's day 2010

This will be the mother’s day that I never forget.

It started with this.
And we ended up with this.

A review of Mother’s Day 2010.

Fancy breakfast with eggs, pancakes and a tablecloth.
A new beautiful necklace stamped with 3 of my favorites :)
Church. Singing and worshiping always makes me feel better.
Drop off our redbox at Giant Eagle (The Blind Side. Great movie)

Head up to our hometown.
Visit #1. Dave’s parents.
Enjoyed some delicious lunch.
Dave dug up a bunch of plant starters.

Head to visit #2. My parents.
My mom is in the hospital with bronchitis right now, so we headed there.
While visiting in the hospital, the little man hit his head on some metal trim and got a decent little gash.
It wasn’t quite ER worthy, but definitely needed looked at.

Visit #3. Urgent care.
Such a brave little guy. 2 staples. No crying.

Visit #4. Walgreens for some motrin, ice cream drumsticks and paper towels.

We hit the road again and head back south.
Pick up some Wendy’s for dinner and head to my Grandma’s for visit #5.

Head home.
Unload the car.
Get the kids in the shower and to bed.
Dave heads out to plant the starters.
I hit the treadmill for 15 minutes.
Listening to my ipod and watching a muted pie making contest on foodnetwork.
Gotta try to catch something ;)

Sit down to blog.

I hear Dave putting away dishes, and I’d bet just about anything there is a load of laundry to be folded. And more in the dryer im sure.

Bedtime will be welcome.

Here's to all the Moms!!


Jen said...

Too bad about Cohen's head. Your necklace is darling!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! Poor Cohen! He sure is brave! I would have cried, i'm sure! lol! Well, Happy Mother's Day, Jen. Sounds like you all had a very busy day!


Rorie said...

Well, sounds like most of it was a good day. Poor little guy! I hope he's feeling OK.
Happy Mother's Day to you!

sarah said...

what a busy day! poor cohen, but what a brave boy!

and your necklace is DARLING!

Jen said...

What a beautiful necklace - but I definitely feel bad for your little guy!

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