convos and pasta

I was only going to share a recipe today...
but there were things said by the kids that were too fun not to share.

Lilly: Eeeeh. (picking at the top of my head)
Me: What? (thinking there was a bug or something in my hair)
Lilly: You’ve got something white.
Your hair is white.
You are growing white hair.
And it’s attached to your head.

Cohen: Ho no. I got another boobie.
(when falling and skinning his knee. again)

Cohen: I need to play hockey really bad.
(while getting his hockey sticks out of the van after a short trip to the store)

oh my. i do love these kids.
and now… moving on to what I like to call a ‘poor man’s recipe'.

I’m kind of good with making stuff from nothing.
With food that is.
Not so much with anything else.

There are many times when I feel like we have 'no food in the house.'
This recipe resulted from one of those times.
Now it's a common lunch menu item.

We'll call this one...
"Poor Jen's Pasta" ...to please those who want a name with their food.
(all the kids love this. even the pickier ones.)
Poor Jen's Pasta

cooked pasta... any kind, no particular amount ( just however much you need)
butter/margarine/country crock... whatever you use
grated parmesean cheese
garlic salt

Cook your pasta and drain.  Add a glob of butter, some nice shakes of parmesean cheese and a few good shakes of garlic salt.  Give it a taste and if you want, add more garlic salt to your liking.  (But don't forget you can't take back the garlic salt... so don't add too much, it'll be ruined!  Believe me, I know.)

Happy Thursday all!


April said...

i can't stop laughing at cohen and lilly's comments! so cute :)

Jennifer in Cayman said...

Buttered-Parm Cheese (Barilla) Campanelle Noodles are my kids all time favorite! It's a staple in our house for sure-just that at times :) Haven't added the garlic but I am sure they'd like that too!
I love how you "write" all the kids cute sayings down. Believe me you won't remember them when they grow up! Cherish the time! It does goe by so fast!

Jen said...

I need to play hockey really bad. Ha ha - love it! I know my boys had many days when they would have been thinking the same thing!

Sam said...

Poor Jen's Pasta sounds so good right now. Thanks for the craving. :)

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