porch update

There have been a few requests for some updates on the porch.

Dave is doing an awesome job, with the help from some very good and very generous friends/neighbors/co-workers.
He just knows what to do... it's so nice having a handy husband :)
He has gathered quite a collection of tools for the job.
And is also fast becoming best friends with the employees at Home Depot.

I am doing an awesome job being patient ;)
(which is pretty impressive for me, actually)
And I did hold one board up to be screwed in place.
And I’m good at refilling water.
And making and/or buying food for the guys.
And trying to keep the kids out of harms way.
And asking lots of very important questions.
Then leaving Dave alone ;)
(Just needed to give myself a pat on the back for the other side of the porch building process.)
(Hey, this is my blog after all ;)



Rorie said...

It's looking good! How exciting for you guys. :)

Swedish Mama said...

Wonderful pictures of a great project. I miss working with Dwight building...

I invite myself over for a glass of ice water when it is ready to sit on.

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