more random

Ahhh… so much randomness.

*(I like quotes. Some more than others.)
I keep 2 calendars. Last month they both had awesome sayings.
They seemed to have been written just for me.
So I know they will speak to others.

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.
-e.e. cummings

Nothing is far when one wants to get there.
-Queen Marie of Romania

I'm working on that first one.
The 2nd one was paired with a picture of a runner.
Which was even more meaningful to me, as I slowly become a runner of sorts.
I'm on the lookout for my very first ever 5K.
(like how there is a pic of a huge ice cream cone after talking about running?)
*Enjoy 20% off Coldstone.
I know I will be, paired with a gift card from my sweet friend Sandra.

*How about some free HUGO cologne?
I started buying HUGO for dave in high school.
we still love it ;)

*Only 3 more days to the start of summer vacation (!)
We’ve got a lot great things on our summer fun list.

*Summer TV is hardly exciting.
(Except for Big Brother)
(yay! guilty pleasure)
But that’s ok.
That just means more time for old episodes of The OC and My So-Called Life.
And for sewing and embroidery orders too.
which is keeping me happily busy!
*Don’t forget about the big giveaway at OMW!
(LBE is giving away a cute bib and a gift card there!!)
*Thanks to all who have donated to our family as we walk for Crohn's.
We’ve raised just over half of our goal with just a few days left to go.
We would be honored and grateful for any help in supporting our family...
through raising funds to help figure out this disease that touches many.
(eta: we are now past our goal!! thank you thank you thank you!!)

*Be on the lookout for some fun recipes, some fun pics, and a giveaway (or two).
Right here.
sooner or later.

(how was that for random?)


Sam said...

Randomness rocks!

Sam said...

Is randomness a word?

Rorie said...

I do love random posts. They're always very entertaining. :)
I used to love watching MSCL! Right now we're in a TV slump with all our regular season shows on break and our summer shows haven't started up yet (Psych and Eureka, love em!)
Running your first race is awesome! Good luck when you do it - I'll be cheering for you!
Thanks for sharing the coldstone coupon. We'll be near one next week. mmmm.

Swedish Mama said...

randomness--everyday living.

summer looks promising for you guys--new porch, ice cream, camping, kids (and parents) enjoying God's bounty from the garden.

looking forward to more randomness.

HennHouse said...

If you're on the lookout for a 5K, the Central Ohio Spina Bifida Association 5K is always in early October... We'd love to have you as part of Team Esther-Faith!

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