in the kitchen

Blogging has taken a back seat to summer.
we've been busy. in good ways.

Special thanks to the farmer’s market and our garden for tonight's dinner.

Debbie's texas salsa (yum!)
Pampered Chef's zucchini deep dish pie (yum. yum!)
Corn  (tbd)

And a few teasers of other things ive made in the past few weeks...
oh to create in the kitchen and blog for a living.


ali said...

what is that with the apples? It looks delicious!!!

arminda said...

I was wondering that too, what's with the apples?? :) That zucchini deep dish pie sounds YUMMY! Gonna give that one a try for sure! :)

Rorie said...

That apple dip looks yummy.
I'm going to have to try that zucchini recipe. Since I have soooo much zucchini! I'm trying a zucchini cobbler recipe tonight - if it's good, I'll share it with ya!

Jen said...


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