gorgeous wedding.

ive been meaning to post some of these pics for a while.
these are from a wedding and reception of a friend from elementary school:)

the wedding... gorgeous.
the reception... so much fun.
both truly unique and absolutely stunning...

congratulations jessica and mike!


erin said...

The wedding does look gorgeous!

Joan Hollenbaugh said...

Good pictures Jen. Wasn't Schedel Gardens a beautiful place? So good to see you.

Rorie said...

Wow, that is a beautiful place. Great pictures Jen!

ali said...

Beautiful! I went to Schedel Gardens last summer with my parents. It was so surprising to see that out in the middle of NW Ohio! That is a great picture of Dave and Lilly!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos!! Their cake is so pretty! I love the the little swirls and stuff on it!!

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