the most recent belly shot...
a bit bigger than i was with lilly at this time... hehee.
not as cute as last time.
i know, that's normal.

we had a beautiful day last week, so nice to get the kids outside.
here is the normal 'smile' i get from the booster :)

ok, not too much to this post, just havent blogged in a while.
ill try to come up with something more interesting next time :)

happy day all :)


Rorie said...

Aw, I love belly shots! So exciting. :)

ali said...

I think you're cute! :)

Anonymous said...

How fun and you look great!


erin said...

so fun! can't wait to see the little bump in person. you look wonderful!

Anonymous said...

You look very cute to me! :) So does Lilly.... does she know she's going to be a big sister?

Katiepops said...

Girl what are you talking about? You are cute as ever! As is our Miss Lilly! :)

Lisa Ford said...

How cute! How far along are you?

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