i've been cooking dinner.
that is good. means i must be feeling better.

sesame western pork ribs (in the crock pot)
au gratin potatoes (homemade, not from the box)

last night...
bruschetta chicken bake

coke roast (in the bean pot... YUMMM)
oreo cheese cake bars (i've eaten half the 9x13 sheet myself)

i'm starting to like food again, which makes me happy.
not to mention reece's cups, sunkist gummi chew things... and coffee.

yes... went to meijer last night.
smelled coffee.
had to have some.
i don't drink coffee.
but now have 2 cans of sugar free, caffeine free, instant coffee in my cupboard.
mocha and french vanilla.

and i will happily admit my addiction to Taco Bell bean burritos.
i'll be asking for gift cards for christmas :)

anyone have any good recipes to share?


erin said...

One question for you...

Why wasn't I invited for dinner?


Seriously, it all sounds delicious. :)

Rorie said...

Mmmm, Taco Bell. That was my only major craving with Joey was Taco Bell 7-layer burritos. All that other food you made sounds good too. Especially the Oreo bars. Hmm, now I'm getting hungry! :)

Anonymous said...


ali said...

I am glad you are feeling good enough to cook again! Your dinners sound wonderful! I am going to have to get the ribs recipe from you!

Katie Jones said...

sounds yummy. welcome back to your appetite.

Anonymous said...

It all sounded good until you mentioned the bean burritos. Those ribs sound wonderful - I'll have to look that recipe up. Glad you are feeling better


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