the weekend is here

even though im not a 'working' woman anymore... i still do love the weekends :)

dave and i went out to dinner all by ourselves tonight.
very nice :) enjoyable... ate way too much, but still had dessert.

i love thursday nights just as much :)
we watch grey's anatomy now, couldnt not join in.
we also watch the OC. the new season started last night.
unlike the rest of the civilized world, we dont have DVR, TiVO...
we do however have 2 TVs and VCRs.

so, we taped grey's upstairs, and watch the OC in the basement.

also, big sale going on over at the store... Mandarin Pixie
check it out :)

1 comment:

Rorie said...

Going out to eat without the kid? What's that like? :)

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