there is always a rainbow.
but crocs with socks in the rain, i wouldn't suggest.
especially when its cold outside :)

i am still in shock.
not really believing this is all going on.
i had never even heard of an aortic dissection.

my mom is a miracle.

i am so thankful that she is still here with us today.
i still have my mommy.
and lilly and the baby still have their grandma.
thank you God.
i am so grateful.

(((HUGS))) to anyone who needs them.
'i love you' to anyone who needs to hear that.

thank you for all the support, prayers, thoughts... whatever ever it is that you are sending. we can feel it. and it's working :)

and i can't wait to tell all the 'deb on narcotics' stories.
those will have to wait. but they sure are good :)

1 comment:

Rorie said...

Hmm, Deb on narcotics stories sound like they would be fun. I'm so glad that things worked out so well with your mom. Hang in there and (((HUGS))) to you and all of your family. :)

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