she makes me laugh.
if nothing else does, she will :)

here are 2 conversations from tonight...

conversation A. {lilly in bathtub... me wearing a bowling green tshirt, with orange lettering}

lilly: wass your shirt say?
me: bowling green.
lilly: no! it says home depot!

conversation B. {lilly, just having gone poopy in the toliet, and admiring her work}
lilly (to daddy): chicken nuggets!

infact, she likes to name her poopy, and does so pretty well.

she does this often, though this is the 1st time dave got to experience it on his own. (i think he was beginning to think that i was the one handing out the titles...)

here are some other names, all appropriately given.

"2 snakes!"
"alligator..." (must have had peas for dinner...)

she is a fun one :)


Rorie said...

Ah, chicken nuggets! She's a hoot. :)

Anonymous said...

She is hilarious and very smart I must say!


Anonymous said...

LOL!! Ian did that too, I will never forget the time he came running out and yelled that he had just laid an egg.

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