almost FREE popcorn...

Dale and Thomas Popcorn

...this is the BEST popcorn EVER.

my sister had 2 bags waiting for us in NYC when we visited her.
we ate that and went and got more while we were still there.

i've been wanting to order some...

and looky here

must be time to order some :)

only $2.95 a bag, for shipping and handling.
TOTALLY worth every penny.
i'd even spend full price, and you all know how i am with money ;)

if you like popcorn, please. treat yourself.
believe me, you'll be happy you did.

if you aren't so much into popcorn... get a bag or two and give them as a gift.
the receiver will thank you.

ok... off to order mine :)


erin said...

Just watching that home page pop open made my mouth water!

Anonymous said...

I caved and ordered! After I did, I saw a commercial for their pop corn on tv. I had never seen one for them before. Mine won't ship until the end of the month because I live in a "warm state," so I will have to wait!

ali said...

I just ordered mine! Can't wait to see these crazy flavors! Dave and Jen raved about this popcorn so I had to try it!

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