ah. are you there?
anyone reading this?
so, im know im not so exciting these days...

no great scrappy stampy work to show...
no crazy work or life stories.

barely any comments on my posts...
ah that's ok... i'll blog to humor myself :)

maybe ive been booted off your blog reading, blogline lists... lol.
(if you dont have bloglines yet, and you read a lot of blogs... you will really enjoy having it!)

so anyways... still feeling cruddy, but i've actually managed to cook 2 nights in a row... (something i don't think has happened in the past 2 months...)

here is the recipe to last night's meal... courtesy of Martha :)

Spaghetti Carbonara

very tasty. very simple. and it seemed better for you than fettucine alfredo (another one of my favorites...)

tonight i made Reuben's... our way (which really isnt 'our' way, but the way of a lady i used to teach with...) here's how you stack it up.

*rye bread (buttered on one side)
*corned beef
*swiss cheese
*coleslaw (that's the sneaky part... instead of sauerkraut...EWWWW)
*thousand island dressing
*rye bread (buttered on one side)

Grilled in a big pan on the stove... delicious!! I could eat this once a week!

alright, so there you go... another boring post by me :)
so those of you who enjoy food, may have something to reply about :)

happy week everyone :)

oh, and forgot to say... our almost FREE dale and thomas popcorn came the other day. now we are on popcorn overload... and that is a good thing :)


Rorie said...

I'm feeling some lonely-blog-itis as well. :) Your dinner sounds good. Ours will be something with ground turkey, I just haven't figured out what yet. :P Glad you're feeling a bit better though!

Denise said...

Sounds like a yummy few dinners! I'm not even hungry and my mouth is watering at the description of the reuben:)

Anonymous said...

The Spaghetti Carbonara sounds really good! That will be on our menu for a dinner next week. Have fun at the wedding this weekend, even though it will probably be snowing and very COLD!!! =(


ali said...

Yum! I know Richard would love those reubens! Can't wait to get my popcorn too!

erin said...

Your post made me super hungry! LOL!

Anonymous said...

I still haven't figured out bloglines yet! Have just been busy too!!

BTW -- thank you so much for the little star stamps, now I have to place an order so that I can back them and use them!!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for my popcorn - I didn't think it was possible to be overloaded with popcorn!


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