some pictures

my time is limited these days.
between the holidays, MP, and all the other fun stuff in between, it's no wonder my naps are few and far between... hehhhe.

only a few days left on the Mandarin Pixie sale!
check it out... all the 'old' stamps are on sale, and the new stamps are fun fun fun!!
(and don't be shy... spread the word!! i had orders to Montana, and North Dakota this week!! FUN!!)

wanted to share a few pics before the next week slips me by.
baby Fin pics are coming soon :) (those pics get their own post)
all is well... and Fin is a bit on the 'big' side. imagine that :)

now for the pictures...

daddy's alumni hockey game :)
love going to these. reminds me of our dating years :)
and as lilly says "hi stinky daddy"

dancing with her new 'ipod' and princess phone from grandma and grandpa h.
she hasnt quite put either of these down.

setting out cookies for santa with aunt melissa.
i forget the exact wording of lilly's letter... something like, "here's some cookies. it's sugar." yep, pretty much. good stuff.

christmas morning at my parents.
although the amount of gifts is a bit amazing, we were mostly glad to have everyone together for christmas.

alright everyone, have a wonderful week!
im off to start updating the MP site and blog...


Missy said...

those are some GREAT pictures Jen!!!
Love lilly's "hi stinky daddy" ;)

Rorie said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun over Christmas. LOL on the "hi stinky daddy." :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Jen!!

Denise said...

The pic of Lilly jamming is so funny! It looks like she was a happy camper on Christmas!

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