happy birthday

happy birthday to my best friend.

i appreciate all you do.

for the daddy that you are.
for working so hard in all that you do.
for supporting me.

i love you so much.
happy birthday :)


Anonymous said...

Tell him Happy Birthday to him for me. His birthday will be easy to remember because it's close to my nephew's N birthday which is Dec 5th.Karen R.

ali said...

Happy Birthday to Dave!!! What a beautiful cake!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Dave!!! Hope you had a great day! That decorating is awesome. Good job Jen, and probably Lilly helped, too! We sure hope we can see you guys this weekend. Happy Birthday, again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, last post was from me (Kelli) and Dan, too.

Rorie said...

Happy Birthday Dave! Hope you had a great one.

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