hey eveyone.
life is busy busy for me right now.
but i'm still smiling :)

*my mom is home now, and doing well with her recovery. thank you to everyone for all the warm thoughts and prayers!!

*thanks for the bday wishes for dave, i wish i could take credit on that dessert, but that was actually a HUGE delicious brownie that my sister sent him :) is was tooo good!

*lilly is still a little snotty nose (literally), but we are hoping she is well soon! we've been watching a lot of 'santa saves christmas' to keep her entertained.

*check out the sale and the new stamps over at the store... MandarinPixie... only a few days left to get all the 'old' stamps at sale prices :)

oh and one picture to share... lilly with santa right before the OSU/Michigan game, in November... lol. (notice her buckeye necklace)

i had actually vowed not to get in the habit of pics with santa every year (we did get one on her 1st christmas...). but there was no line, and he kept calling her back for hugs, and she was so good for him, i couldnt resist a picture! plus, he is the best santa and the same one she had in her 1st picture :)

lilly is still talking about part of their conversation.

santa: i see you have a buckeye necklace!
me: ask santa if he likes the buckeyes.
lilly: do you like the buckeyes?
santa: oh yes, but i think the game is going to be too close. (in reference to the OSU/MI game)

so now every time anyone asks lilly about santa (or the buckeyes) she says...

"santa says, too close!"

she makes me smile :)


Rorie said...

She looks so grown up in that picture! How adorable. :)

erin said...

That picture was definitely worth the $. Super great! So glad you mom is doing well and is home. Looking forward to Lilly and Erin night this weekend!

ali said...

She looks so comfortable with Santa. Maybe we should see what Josh thinks of Santa... I love the Santa/Buckeyes story!

Anonymous said...

She is so adorable as always! She looks so grown up, like a little teenager. =) Tell Deb we said hi, and that we think of her often. Hope she got our card. Talk to you soon.


Anonymous said...

Too Cute!

Anonymous said...

Cute picture!

Anonymous said...

Cute picture!

Anonymous said...

cute picture!! :)

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