im still here...

this holiday season has got to be the busiest and most tiring for me yet.
im sure it will only get better :) right?

here are the most recent belly pics.

and one with the big sister belly :)

lilly is enjoying making up her own songs these days...
our favorite so far (and this one comes up over and over and over... to the same made up tune)

"i have a hangnail Jesus... i have a hangnail Jesus...."

you read correct.

she has also mastered peeling off the 'no bite' nail polish that we are trying to use in attempt to stop her from gnawing her fingernails and toenails. oh this girl.

another 'job' of hers right now is talking back, and telling daddy and mommy 'no'. this has meant many a time-outs in the past several days.

we have a feeling this 'terrible two' thing may last a bit longer than they say. thats ok though, we love our miss lillian, and wouldn't have it any other way.


Rorie said...

Ah, that wonderful "no" word. I wonder why they learn that one so quickly? ;) Cute, cute belly pics!

ali said...

Aren't 2 year olds funny!

ali said...

Josh made up his own funny song last night while eating a banana. He meticulously picks off all of the banana strings and usually hands them to us. (Thanks, Josh!) The tune was similar to Jingle Bells...
Yucky thing, yucky thing, yucky thing I ever see!

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